Czech Republic sets IPv4 end date

On 17 January 2024, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the material "Restarting the implementation of DNSSEC and IPv6 technologies in the state administration". On the basis of this decision, the Czech state administration will stop providing its services over IPv4 on 6 June 2032. Thus, the Czech Republic knows its IPv4 shutdown date.

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Revolutionary restart: DNSSEC and IPv6 transform czech state administration

The IPv4 protocol, a key element of Internet communication since the 1980s, has effectively served to allocate unique addresses for devices connected to the Internet. However, as the number of devices and services increased, IPv4 became insufficient due to the limited number of addresses. The transition to IPv6, which offers an almost unlimited number of addresses, is necessary to ensure the scalability, security and efficiency of the Internet infrastructure.

Saying goodbye to IPv4 will be done